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Real Estate
with a Purpose

Glery Ross represents the family crest of the Lopez family. Its original incarnation was a high-end fashion design couture store in Cuba during the 1950’s. The name was synonymous with high quality merchandise, sold by a successful and caring business family. The owners and operators of Glery Ross were Miguel Lopez and Glaucia Lopez, the mother and father of Roy and grandparents of Jon. The name was derived by combining three family names: Glaucia (mother-owner and former professional model), Areli (aunt), and Rosa (aunt in-law). During the Holidays, they gave away toys to the needy from their high-end Glery Ross store in Havana, Cuba. Their giving back to the less fortunate continued even after escaping Havana, Cuba and well until they both passed away in 2014, 12 days apart.

Marble Surface
Glaucia a.jpg

A young Roy Lopez

Glery Ross.jpg


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